最佳中文報紙,提供生動的信息 14th Anniversary Celebration for Fundraiser   part 1


最佳中文報紙,提供生動的信息  14th Anniversary Celebration for Fundraiser   part 1

“  Events like this make me proud, made all of us proud ! ”

The Speech of The Lieutenant Governor Le Van Hieu AO

Let me first acknowledge that we are gathered on Kaurna land, and that we pay our respects to the traditional custodians of this land.

I am greatly honoured to be here tonight with you, sharing in this fantastic spirit of community.

This is a wonderful event, celebrating the 14th Anniversary of the South Australia Chinese Weekly and at the same time fundraising to support a young member of  our community to compete in one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events – the Olympic Games.

Leanne Choo, who represented Australia in badminton at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, is a good chance to be selected for the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London.

Already the highest internationally ranked Australian in badminton, Leanne is continuing to train hard and maintain this position to increase her chances of selection.

I am very pleased to see Leanne, and her family, are being shown tonight that our State Government and our community are behind them, and shares the dream of seeing Leanne wearing the green and gold in London in 2012.

I congratulate and thank all members of the Fundraising Committee for your fantastic community spirit and your unwavering efforts and dedication to supporting Leanne in her sporting endeavours.

It is also an honour to be joining you in celebrating the 14th Anniversary of the South Australia Chinese Weekly.

This newspaper is one of the best in Chinese-speaking communications, providing vital information to the community in South Australia.

The newspaper plays a crucial role in helping members of the Chinese community to integrate and be well-informed in all areas, including commerce, business, trade, social services and daily news issues.

It is not surprising that Geoff Phan, as an individual, and the South Australia Chinese Weekly as a publication, were finalists in the 2010 Governor’s Multicultural Awards media category.

Geoff: you have done wonderful work and I congratulate you wholeheartedly on reaching this 14-year milestone.

Displaying a commitment to the preservation of culture and at the same time being open and sharing with other cultures is what makes Australia the diverse nation that it is.

I like to acknowledge the work of many other members of the Chinese speaking community, the quite achievers such as  Dr Zheng De Han, who was a recipient of the Governor’s Multicultural Awards in 2009, for his outstanding contribution to the media, Claudia Cream, who received the inaugural Outstanding Individual Achievement Award in the Governor’s Multicultural Awards in the same year for her devotion to the promotion of multiculturalism for almost 30 years, Christina Yeow and George Chin who have been working tirelessly in the community for many years.

These outstanding individuals and many others who have worked so hard to promote and preserve Chinese culture and at the same time assist and support members of the community to integrate into the wider community in SA.  I say thank you !

I wish you all well in continuing the fantastic work you are doing.

I have known Geoff for a long time and people do not know the history of how the South Australia Chinese Weekly was established. Geoff was born in Vietnam in Phan Thiet. There is a very beautiful coastline. In 1967, he went to Cholon, which is in Saigon, he went there to study in school where he met his wife-to-be, Anh Phung in Cholon.

In 1972, he went to Taiwan to study at the National Cheng Kung University. In 1975, the Government of South Vietnam collapsed and the communist party won, resulting in the falling of Saigon. Back home, Anh Phung was waiting for 6 years but she didn’t hear anything from Geoff.

Then in 1978, Anh Phung escaped from Vietnam as one of the many boat people fleeing for freedom. After her hard journey, she came to South Australia.

In 1981, Geoff and Anh reunited in Taipei and in 1986, Geoff came to South Australia. Now, they see South Australia as their home for themselves and their children.That’s how we can have our South Australian Chinese Weekly Newspaper

Events like this make me proud, made all of us proud !

We have a second generation migrant representing Australia on the world stage. This is exciting for all of us.

Leanne – you are stepping up to become a sporting hero, a role model and an inspiration, and as you can see tonight, the local community is getting behind you and supporting you all the way.

We know the training – the hard work, sweat and tears – are up to you, but we will help where we can, and raise some money tonight to help you on your way.

Tonight we are presenting a united front celebrating multiculturalism, celebrating achievements of a long established newspaper, and a young sporting star on her way to glory.

Your generosity in supporting this fund raising effort is greatly appreciated! Thank you.







我很高興今晚在這裡見到Leanne 和她的家人,告訴他們我們州政府,還有我們整個社區,都在背後支持她,分享同一個夢想,就是看到Leanne在2012年倫敦奧運會上穿著綠色和金色的澳洲運動員制服。

我祝賀和感謝所有籌備委員會的成員,感謝他們偉大的社區精神,不動搖的努力和貢獻,去支持Leanne 和她的體育事業。



這份報紙演了一個很重要的角色,幫助華人社區的成員,更好地參與社區活動和了解社區信息,包括商業的,生意的,貿易的,社區信息,和每日新聞。所以,一點也不令人意外,作爲一個獨立個體,出版人,潘家發先生在2010年的 Governor’s Multicultural Awards傳媒類別被評爲最後的入圍獎。


我想承認華人社區其他成員的貢獻,比如説韓正德醫生,得到2009年Governor’s Multicultural Awards  獎項,表揚他在傳媒事業上的成就,在同一年,潘愛蓮律師也獲得Governor’s Multicultural Awards個人成就獎,表揚她30年對多元化的貢獻,我也要表揚  Christina Yeow and George Chin 兩位,他們永不言倦,辛勤地為華人社區工作。


2011年Governor’s Multicultural Awards已開始接受報名了,我希望今晚有很多有實力的人士可以參加,我們保存原有的八個組別,今年參加了一個藝術與文化獎,我鼓勵你們提名一些對社區有支持和貢獻的人士參選。




(*)在此黎文孝他開了一個括弧,脫稿演講,介紹:Geoff潘家發出生于越南,他故鄉是PhanThiet(藩切),有非常美的海岸綫,他1967年去西貢ChoLon讀書,認識了他現在的夫人Anh Phung,1972他去臺灣讀大學,1975 南越南政府倒了.越共進城,家裏Anh Phung盼望的等著,等著,六年Geoff 訊音無蹤,於是,1978 Anh Phung投奔怒海,逃亡了出來,後來,輾轉到了南澳,1981年,他們在台北再見面,1986年,Geoff,來到了南澳,他們已把南澳當成自己與孩子的家,所以,有了今天的南澳時報。