Reporter:Jo Phan / 潘在恩/South Australia Chinese Weekly

“I find when I walk down the street a lot of people that come up to me are a lot of girls from minority groups and they aren’t always Asian either.”

It is strange to think that this woman who I admired on Masterchef and watched avidly in her first season of Poh’s Kitchen felt out of her skin because throughout the interview I felt she was very well-define.

With Poh’s new season of Poh’s Kitchen and being a fan of her myself, she has constantly talked about her reconnection with her cultural roots and the aspects of cooking, which reconnected her back.

‘With the issues I had about not feeling like I fit in, it resulted in myself getting rid of the culture – I lost a lot of the language, I lost a lot of the cultural view. All these things I let myself let go of because I wanted to be normal.”

Looking back Poh felt sheepish that in her youth she wanted to get rid of her culture but now through her passion and love of cooking she is reconnected and rebuilt the bridge again to her culture. Learning how to recreate dished that reminded herself of her childhood and the memories that she associate with them. Food is an amazing tool and is an expression of our culture.

Poh describes a family dinner with her grandparents and the issues of the language barrier with the grandchildren unable to communicate in their grandparent’s language but for the mere event of all three generations coming together and eat a meal. Food is an amazing tool. The flavours shared in the meal link herself to the concept of family and the positive memories they shared together.

Chinese people are considered not to be very affection people in comparison to other cultures such as Italians but we show our affection and love in the food we prepare and share. We use it as an expression of our Asian culture, it’s like our own secret language and is such a strong expression of love, which breaks down whatever barriers we come across. Food is a powerful tool to hold us together.

Through the process of trying to track her down and organising a time to interview her I felt like playing cat and mouse, I just needed the right bait. I thank Christina Yeow, Poh’s mother who heavily helped me organised the interview. Poh is definitely a hard person to track down. She is definitely busy with the multiple different ventures she is undergoing. Season 2 of Poh’s Kitchen was nearly completed in filming when I spoke to Poh during this interview, she is currently also in the process of writing her second recipe book and she also has an exhibition in October in Adelaide for her art work. And there does not seem to be any point of slowing down.

“I want to continue doing everything I’m doing, I feel like lately I’ve spent more time on television than I have in my real life!”

She finds herself very comfortable working by alone. She enjoys diving into things and being submerged in her projects and loosing yourself. I can imagine that she has multiple doors open for her and the process for her now is to figure out which door to go through. However, she’s just enjoying the opportunities that present themselves to her.


當Poh在採訪中向我提及所有這些過去的經歷時,我覺得很難想像。這個我如此崇拜的MasterChef節目的明星,以及她在Poh的廚房( Poh’s Kitchen)節目中的自如表現都很難與這些經歷聯想在一起。採訪過程中的Poh表現得落落大方,優雅自如。

隨著新一季的“Poh的廚房”節目的推出,作爲她的忠實追隨者,我向她問及節目的深層意義。 Poh一直強調說節目中她融合了自身的文化根源和現代烹飪的發展。





在追尋Poh本人的行蹤、安排時間對她進行採訪的過程中,我感覺自己好像在玩捉迷藏的遊戲。在此,我需要感謝Poh的母親Christina Yeow,沒有Christina的幫助我無法順利完成這次採訪。前期準備過程之所以如此困難,主要是由於實在難以確定Poh的具體行蹤。目前的Poh肩負數項任務。在我採訪Poh時,由她擔任主角的“Poh的廚房”第二季拍攝進入尾聲,而Po​​h還編寫第二本烹飪書籍以及為10月份即將在阿德萊德舉辦的作品展做準備。所有的一切都催促著Poh大步向前。