路 在 前 方 To Celebrate 14th Anniversary of South Australia Chinese Weekly


To Celebrate 14th Anniversary of South Australia Chinese Weekly  

Editor’s Letter

I am very pleased to write this Editor’s Letter in celebration for South Australia Chinese Weekly milestone.

Firstly, this magazine is a celebration of our 14th Anniversary as a publication. It has been a memorable journey, which I take great pride being on.

Secondly, a celebration of our successful Fundraiser for Leanne Choo, a hopeful Olympian for next year’s 2012 London Olympics and second generation Asian-Australian.

Thirdly, I would like to take this moment to formally thank many of my friends, readers and supporters. If we did not have the support from our readers and our friends – South Australia Chinese Weekly would not what it is today.

I, like many other immigrants have found Australia to become my home.  A country, which has given us opportunity and we celebrate South Australia’s milestone of 175 years as a state as members of Australian-Asian Community.

As immigrants, we left our previous countries on the pursuit of happiness, for a better quality life. We have lived here, built a family and raised our children, the second generation here in Australia.

We appreciate this society and what it has offered us: freedom of speech, basic human rights, equality, opportunity and a home.

It is not easy leaving familiarity on the pursuit of democracy and equality. It’s not easy starting a business from nothing but after fourteen long, hard but beautiful years..

This is my present to you.

This magazine consist of special articles we have published in the South Australia Chinese Weekly Newspaper in 2011. This magazine consist of fond and memorable moments our team have enjoyed including interviews, reports and some special extras, which we have had the opportunity to partake in.

And we put this together as a collection of memories.

South Australia Chinese Weekly is and has been a platform for the people of South Australia.

This newspaper is the only Chinese Newspaper in South Australia that is kept on record since its establishment in 1997 at the State Library of SA and also in the Asian Collection at the National Library of Australia in Canberra, ACT.

We are a multicultural development of society making history and constantly involved in the community functions in all directions.

Within the community over the past 14 years, we have helped and promoted lots of functions and events. We have been a platform for helping to bring together memories.

In this magazine, we would like to give credit to the second generation that has risen from our migration. Leanne Choo, Poh Ling Yeow, Khai Khuu and Jo Phan.

The question I’ve been asked by many is why? – why did we migrate to Australia? Why did we leave our country, everything we knew to be familiar?

The answer is for the next generation

Our hope was the second generation grows up to live a healthy and fulfilling life. That our offspring would benefit from our hard decisions and they would have a wider outlook on the world.

Between Chinese People we have a saying with each other: we raise our children and direct them on the right path. So they will do the right thing in the future.

This is the South Australia Chinese Weekly 14th Anniversary Magazine that you hold in your hands.

I hope you enjoy it

Geoff Phan

Chief Editor, SA Chinese Weekly








說起前人,我們就想起了後人。就是作為“移二代”的人份。這份“特刊”裏我們就已經看到如Leanne Choo, Poh Ling Yeow, Khuu Khai, Jo Phan這些年輕人。他(她)們已經大步的走上我們的平臺了。如果隨便問一下,“我們移民是為了什麼?”相信會有很多人說“是為了下一代”。下一代是我們的希望,有誰不期望著下一代健康的成長呢?“移二代”大多是在這裏出生,長大,他們所作的一切正是老一代的期盼。他(她)們是在土裏面埋著的黃金,有朝一日也會像今日之星一樣放射出耀眼的光芒。